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2019-03-06 The conference program for ICBCB 2019 is updated and it is welcomed that you can join in the conference. (Click)

2019-01-25 The submission deadline for ICBCB 2019 has been extended to February 10, 2019. (Click)

2018-12-01 Bioinformatics Society of Zhejiang Province posts the conference news on the official website. (Click)

2018-11-11 Accepted ICBCB 2019 papers may be published in IEEE ICBCB 2019 conference Proceedings. (Click)

2018-10-25 Prof. Hesham H. Ali from University of Nebraska at Omaha, USA will deliver a keynote speech in ICBCB 2019. (Click)

2018-09-25 Prof. Ashoka Polpitiya from Sri Lanka Technological Campus, Sri Lanka will deliver a keynote speech in ICBCB 2019. (Click)

2018-08-10 The conference venue is sured. (Click)

2018-07-24 ICBCB 2018 papers have been indexed by Ei Compendex and Scopus. (Click)

2018-07-19 Prof. Zhiwei Qiao from ShanXi University will sit as one of the Program Chairs of ICBCB 2019. (Click)

2018-06-10 Prof. Ming Chen from Zhejiang University will sit as one of the Conference Chairs of ICBCB 2019. (Click)

2018-05-27 ICBCB 2019 is planning to be held in Zhejiang University and the official website is available now. (Click)

2018-05-03 ICBCB 2018 registered papers have been published in ACM Conference Proceedings (ISBN: 978-1-4503-4827-0). (Click)

2018-03-15 ICBCB 2018 has been held successfully in Chengdu, China. (Click)

2018-02-25 ICBCB 2018 keynote speech information is available now. (Click)

2018-01-05 ICBCB 2018 submission deadline has been extended to January 25, 2018. (Click)

2017-09-14 ICBCB 2018 registered papers can be published in ACM conference proceedings which will be indexed by EI Compendex. (Click)

2017-07-25 Prof. Bijoy K. Ghosh from Texas Tech University, USA will sit as Conference Chair of ICBCB 2018. (Click)

2017-06-28 ICBCB 2018 official website is available and submission is opened now. (Click)

2017-03-20 ICBCB 2017 Conference Proceedings had been published by ACM (ISBN:978-1-4503-4827-0), and indexed by EI Compendex and Scopus. (Click)

Welcome to ICBCB 2019/ICBCB 2019 欢迎您!Brochure Download

Welcome to the official website of 2019 IEEE 7th International Conference on Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (ICBCB 2019). ICBCB 2019 will be held in Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China during March 21-23, 2019. (2019年第七届IEEE生物信息学与计算生物学国际会议将于2019年3月21-23日在中国杭州浙江大学隆重召开) Previously, ICBCB 2018 in Chengdu, China, ICBCB 2017 in Hong Kong, ICBCB 2016 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, ICBCB 2015 in Hong Kong, ICBCB 2014 in Beijing, China, ICBCB 2013 in New Delhi, India had been successfully held.


Bioinformatics and Computational Biology has become an important part of many areas of biology. ICBCB conference series will be held annually to provide an interactive forum for presentation and discussion on Bioinformatics and Computational Biology. The conference welcomes participants from all over the world who are interested in developing professional ties to and/or exploring career opportunities in the region. The conference should serve as an ideal forum to establish relationships from within China and other regions of the world.


We hope you will join us in Hangzhou for ICBCB 2019.


ICBCB Conference Group

Paper Publication/出版信息

After peer review process, all accepted papers after proper registration and presentation, will be published in:


IEEE ICBCB 2019 conference Proceedings, and reviewed by the IEEE Conference Quality Committees for IEEE Xplore, and submitted to the Ei Compendex and Scopus for further review.


International Journal of Bioscience, Biochemistry and Bioinformatics (IJBBB, ISSN: 2010-3638), and will be included in the Engineering & Technology Digital Library, and indexed by WorldCat, Google Scholar,Cross ref, ProQuest.


ICBCB 2017 and ICBCB 2018 registered papers have been published in ACM Conference Proceedings, and indexed by Ei Compendex and Scopus. ICBCB 2017和ICBCB 2018会议论文集已在ACM电子图书馆上线 ,并被Ei Compendex和Scopus检索。


About Presentation: ICBCB 2019 welcomes both oral and poster presentations with high quality. If you are author who wants to do oral or poaster presentation without paper publication, please submit your presentation title and abstract to the Conference Secretary before the submission deadline for further review.


About Participation: ICBCB 2019 welcomes listeners who are academic scientists, researchers and scholars related to Bioinformatics and Computational Biology from all around the world. If you are interested in the conference,  please register to join in us before the registration deadline.

Submission Methods: Link (投稿链接): or conference email box (会议邮箱):


Important Dates/重要日期

Paper Submission Due Date:                                                           Before December 20, 2018


Notification of Acceptance:                                                                      On January 20, 2019


Registration Deadline:                                                                      Before February 05, 2019


Conference Dates:                                                                                     March 21-23, 2019


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